Andre Perunicic

Andre Perunicic

I'm an NYC-based software engineer and data scientist with a Ph.D. in mathematical physics. I have extensive experience finding elegant solutions to difficult problems, working with clients, and communicating clearly.

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I write about math, algorithms, machine learning, and software development. Here are some of my favorites published on Intoli's company blog.

Performing Efficient Broad Crawls with the AOPIC Algorithm

September 16, 2018

The Adaptive On-Line Page Importance Computation (AOPIC) algorithm is useful for prioritizing page visits while scraping large portions of the web. Learn how AOPIC iteratively estimates page importance from links between pages.

A Brief Tour of Grouping and Aggregating in Pandas

October 13, 2017

Python's Pandas library is the first choice of many data scientists when it comes to exploring or normalizing a dataset. Learn how to use Pandas to easily slice up a dataset and extract useful statistics.

How Are Principal Component Analysis and Singular Value Decomposition Related?

August 23, 2017

SVD and PCA are closely related data transformation techniques, often employed for dimensionality reduction purposes. If you have used these methods in the past but aren’t sure how they work internally, then this article is for you.

Understanding Neural Network Weight Initialization

July 25, 2017

The choice of initial weights can have a profound impact on both the convergence rate and the final quality of a neural network's predictions. Learn about how a network's weights change during training, and where a few of the more popular weight initialization strategies come from.